If you’re looking to get fit or you’re simply looking for a challenge, then a bootcamp could be the answer for you. However, that doesn’t mean heading down to your local gym and doing a bootcamp there; now you can go on a bootcamp holiday, right across the world! What’s great about this is that you can experience another country’s culture whilst beating the bulge and getting incredibly fit. So where are the best bootcamps located across the world, and what do they […]

Many of us have chosen to lose weight or get fit as part of our 2014 resolution. Food and alcohol is very much the focal point during the festive period, so it isn’t a surprise that we feel guilty and want to make amends. However, this is the kind of resolution that many people give up on after a couple of weeks. It requires a lot of will power and determination. Everyday temptations become too much, but if you have the resolve and […]

Whether you’ve injured yourself at work or taken a tumble in a public place, a back injury is an extremely painful and debilitating affliction. When you’ve suffered from a back injury it’s vitally important to ensure you take the right steps in order to aid a speedy recovery, and prevent further injury to such a sensitive area. This quick guide offers you advice on the best way to help yourself along the road to recovery, with some helpful tips on how to cope […]

With today’s busy lifestyle, we often find ourselves struggling to make the time to get to the gym, but that’s not to say that options for keeping fit aren’t still available. Jogging, yoga and zumba have all experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, but another option is installing your own private pool. Not only will it give you a great place to work out, but is also a fantastic, relaxing environment for the whole family.  Check out our latest blog to […]

In the wake of the Tour de France and recent British successes in road cycling, more and more people are hitting the streets on their bikes. Whether it’s a family day out, a cheaper commuting option or dedicated training, the roads are becoming a busier place for the cyclist. Unfortunately, busier roads mean a more dangerous place for it users. Health versus Safety Cycling has always been one of the more popular health and leisure activities and rightly so. However, in recent years […]

Sports play an enormous part in modern culture. Many of us enjoy playing sports, whether that means focusing on a single sport, or partaking in a wide range of them. Some people place precedence upon training for sports, prioritising health eating and rigorous exercises. For such sports fanatics, there is a bewildering array of suitable equipment available to suit almost any sporting pursuit. Visiting the Start Fitness website by clicking here will give you some idea of the sheer number of options available.  […]

It is evident that massage therapy is more than just a relaxing activity. Studies continue to prove the physical and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session. For instance, according to Glen Becker ( check his article here: gurumagazine.org) different researches show that there is an increase in lower stress hormones after a massage and an increase in oxytocin, a hormone that aids wound healing. Also, after your massage session you can get the benefits of increased blood pressure and lymph […]

It is estimated that 1% of men above the age of forty have been affected by asbestos. It was used extensively in insulation, flooring, roofing, pipe insulation and was even sprayed on ceilings and walls before the harmful – indeed fatal – effects of asbestos dust on the lungs came to light. There are many tradespersons who have been exposed to the dust for protracted periods of time such as builders, laggers, electricians, asbestos manufacturing workers, carpenters and even those who have repeatedly […]

Sixty years ago, when a young person reached their 21st birthday, their birthday present would often be a pair of dentures. I know that this was the case for my Granny, and it was because people were not taking good care of their teeth and believed that instead of having root canal treatment and having crowns, it was easier just to get dentures. Nowadays having dentures at 21 would be embarrassing and in fact would greatly decrease the amount of foods that you could eat. […]

What is stress? Stress is a physical response to events or actions that make you feel uneasy, and in some way threatened, also known as the “Fight or Flight” response. Stress is your body’s response to protect you. Good stress will help you respond and meet challenges creating a positive impact, whilst bad stress can become familiar and can hinder your daily life, becoming problematic and negative. Symptoms/signs of stress:   Image credit: Help Guide Stress can be caused by different things: Major […]